Owner/entrepreneur and CEO

PJ Segginger has spent years working as a freelancer in international companies, Clariant SA, Tralin-Pak GmbH, Essex Chemie AG, Zimmer GmbH and SA, and companies at home and abroad such as China, Tunisia, Italy, Germany, France, England also in conjunction with Islamic law, etc. expanded and acquired. A long-time member of the Belgian-Luxembourg BLC Business Club in Switzerland and Lichtentstein, an affiliate of the Association of International Chambers of Commerce (AICC), she is an active member and works for the Revionsteam.

PJ Segginger specializes in the reorganization of corporate structures, departments and mainly accounting restructuring that are not tested.

PJ Segginger has acquired enormous expertise not only in finance, but also in tax law, and has taken the corresponding additional training courses. After returning to Switzerland in 2016, she became independent and decided to develop her extensive local, national and international knowledge in the fields of

  • Tax advice and optimization
  • Incl Finance and Accounting. spot check
  • Islamic finance and incl accounting. spot check
  • Debt recovery and bankruptcy law
  • Debt restructuring
  • Contract law

because cleaning up untested accounting is a major challenge and behaves in a very complex way.

In addition, PJ Segginger has a very wide network of expertise from specialized companies and individuals working in the field of large-scale financing and investment.

If necessary, these specialists can be consulted at any time.

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