Finance & Accounting

Finance, accounting under control and audit

A clean bookkeeping is a prerequisite for any successful business.

Only those who keep track of incoming and outgoing payments have control over how their company really stands. Accounting is also the basis for the budget and future planning.

A sole proprietorship whose turnover is a maximum of CHF 500,000 must have at least one accountancy covering revenue, expenses and assets. Theoretically, it would be enough to keep all receipts and supporting documents in a reasonably orderly manner and present them to the official in the event of tax control.

However, if we look in our code of obligations, follows at the second place Article 957a para. 2 ff. which clearly shows that it is not enough to keep a record of income, expenses and assets.

Founders and entrepreneurs must therefore have at least basic knowledge in accounting and finance. Only then are they able to explain the financial situation of their own business on the basis of the bookkeeping, which is indispensable, for example, when taking out a bank loan.

Only those who lead their books properly comes through the revision.

For users of the "Banana" accounting software (tried and tested in practice): Individual training CHF 92.50 / hour. plus VAT. You book, we prepare the annual financial statements and the tax declaration

Here is an overview of the departments of accounting.