Julia Segginger

From a nothing or a minus becomes a profit!

Julia Segginger - Managing Director & Entrepreneur

Her great calling and gift is her extremely precise foresight, super-quick comprehension and the analysis within seconds.

Another extraordinary gift is to turn a nothing or minus into a profit. It often takes days for us to find out what she captured in a split second.

The more complex the better. She has the solution and usually knows the answer before we have analysed the case and can discuss how to proceed with the client.


  • German
  • French
  • Anglaise
  • Italian
  • Basic Arabic


Julia Segginger completed her basic training as a hotel manager within two years. Already within the first half of the year, the Management noticed her managerial skills and transferred the management of the hotel to her, whereby the owners only took care of the bookkeeping and the official affairs. She not only wrote the schedules and collaborated everywhere but was responsible for the smooth running and coordination of the hotel, restaurants, events, and especially the beloved pup in the region.

After successfully graduating at the age of 18, Julia Segginger she also worked as a management assistant or headed the hotels on behalf of the hotel owners until you had to reoriented for health reasons, smoking lung as a non-smoker and athlete.

Julia Segginger benefited in many sectors such as the chemical, industrial and technical sectors, in translation teams for the swiss federal graduating Electrician exams Electrician, which were then divided into different expert areas to work with and expand her expertise as well as her skills and benefits.

In 1994 she started a job as an assistant at IL Instrumentation Laboratory AG in Schlieren, where she said to her parents as a joke: "I'm only there until I have cleaned up, then they want a pro with a UNI degree". This at a time when she, as a single mother, cannot allow or afford anything. Without knowing that she would slip into the field of finance, which was not her topic at all, she started this new project. After this job she graduated in one third of the time as federal certified businesswoman.

For example, said Julia Segginger in 1995 half a year before completion of her work almost to the cent exactly how much they still must write off.

After this second successfully graduating in 1996, Julia Segginger acquired and built her knowledge and skills for family reasons, as a freelancer in international companies, Clariant SA, Essex Chemie AG, Zimmer GmbH, and domestic and international companies such as Tralin Pak Europe GmbH in Winterthur, Hall/Saale in Germany and several places in China, FTA Group in Italy and Tunisia, Zimmer SA in Italy, and further companies in France and England also in connection with Islamic law etc.

Until 2007, Julia Segginger did not know how right she was. It all happened the way she predicted it to her parents but knew nothing about the consequences. For her training in the field of finance she needed a confirmation of practice, and she then learned from the former chairman of the board, who liquidated the company a few years after her grandiose rescue that she had saved the company from bankruptcy. This without commercial and/or university degree in international administration and finance. He even admired her for having an innate gift in the field of finance, organization, and international administration.

As a long-time member of the BLC Business Club Belgo-Luxembourgeois in Switzerland and in Lichtentstein (Chamber of Commerce), which is affiliated to the AICC (Association of International Chambers of Commerce), she is an active member and member of the audit team.

Julia Segginger specializes in the reorganization of company structures, departments and mainly overhauling of bookkeeping units which have not passed the audit.

Julia Segginger has acquired enormous know-how not only in finance, but also in tax and legal matters, and completed the corresponding further educations. After her return to Switzerland in 2016 she became self-employed and decided to apply her broad local, national and international knowledge in the fields

  • Tax advice and optimization
  • Finance and Accounting incl. Controlling
  • Islamic finance and accounting incl. Controlling
  • Debt collection and bankruptcy law
  • Debt renovations
  • Contract La
  • overhauling of bookkeeping units which have not passed the audited.

to pass on, since tidying up unauthorized bookkeeping is a big challenge and very complex.

In addition, Julia Segginger has a very broad competence network of specialist companies and persons active in the area of law, financing and large-scale investments.

If necessary, these specialists can be called in at any time.